Emini Success Formula 2.0 Review – Is It Good?

If you are looking for a Emini Success Formula review you are in the right spot.  I got early access and made a video of inside the membership area  at the end of this review.

As you may know, Todd Mitchell is a trading genius and he has been trading professionally since 1988 and helping others since 1994.

Now that’s a long time.  But time isn’t a great indicator always.  What about results?

Here a testimonial from Vaughn in California who learned under Todd:

“Todd, I have traveled literally all over the country, training One-On-One with some of the best traders and coaches out there. I have also worked on the trading floor of the CME to make certain that I knew the market from the “locals” perspective. I have to say that of all the money and time that I’ve spent learning various trading methods, I can honestly say that the most valuable and effective trading methodology I have learned is from you Todd.”

Wow! Now that is a great testimony to what Todd can really do.  If you want to get the program click here.

Now there are 3 things I really like about the E-Mini Success Formula:

1) You make money no matter what direction the market is going.  Short and buy = Big Money

2) You don’t have to trade all day!  The best trades happen before 10AM EST.

3) The system is time tested by lots of traders…so you can have confidence to make real money.

The E-Mini Success Formula is an exclusive, limited and intense program where Todd takes both newbies & experienced traders and shows step by step exactly how to identify the same profitable trade setups that he’s taught many professional traders on Wall Street.

Pretty cool, huh?

So what else doesE-Mini Success Formula 2.0 Mentoring Program come with?

  • Check out the video below but here’s a quick recap:
    • An interactive learning environment where you can meet and learn from other Trading Concepts students
    • Checklists, strategy guides and cheat sheets to help you organize, understand and master the trading methodology so everything is easy to apply
    • Videos explaining every module including numerous trade examples of actual setups, entries and exists so you can see how to quickly apply each lesson to the trading methodology!
    • 8 live webinars where he’ll cover recent trade opportunities AND talk about what’s working and not working for you.
    • PLUS, you get unlimited personal email and phone support with Todd directly (you’ll even have my cell phone number!)
    • AND, you’ll receive unlimited access to Todd’s Daily Trading vault, where he gives you charts and videos explaining the daily setups and how he approached each trade – this “over-the-shoulder” access alone is easily worth the price of this entire program.

All covering the trade secrets of his 22+ years of trading experience where he walks you through countless trade setups and examples so that you can approach the markets with the utmost in confidence.

Sounds good so far?

Well you can get access, but you have to clear your cookies first, then Click Here.

The best part I like about it is that Todd is confident it will work for you.   So much in fact that he’s offering a money back guarantee PLUS offering an additional $500.  Wow….talk about no risk.

Well I got early access to Emini Success Formula 2.0 and see what I found out.

Who’s Todd Mitchell of E-Mini Success Formula 2.0?

Todd Mitchell is the CEO and founder of Trading Concepts and the creator of E-mini Success Formula 2.0. Mitchell is an expert in trading. Honesty and being straightforward is the approach he takes to trading. Mitchell has been teaching people how to trade for many years now. His methods are straightforward and easy to understand. Over the years there have been a lot of positive feedback on the methods that Mitchell teaches to people.Todd Mitchell Whos Todd Mitchell of E mini Success Formula?

Mitchell has a ton of experience with the markets. Since 1998 Mitchell has been involved with the markets. His success is due to a variety of reasons, and one of them is the fact that his success has been linked to the use of bar charts that helped him improve his trading skills. Mitchell teaches people what he has learnt over his time involved in the markets.

Todd Mitchell has helped people who have had no experience in trading. Mitchell has helped many different types of people and even people with experience in the market has benefited from Mitchell’s methods.

Mitchell And Futures Markets

Mitchell took an interest in the future markets way back when he was in high school. He eventually became obsessed with future markets. He actually use to update his own father’s charts, and this helped him layout the foundation for his E-Mini Trading Course and even live personal training that he offers.

Mitchell also discovered that the strategies that he was using for Futures Markets actually worked very well in the Forex market and even with individual stocks. He then started to offer a mentoring program for stocks and the Forex market.

Other Information About Mitchell

Mitchell has released quite a few great products that have helped many people learn and earn from trading. In 2011 the trading expert announced his strategy that he dubbed “3-powerful Price Patterns” which was designed to help people learn when a trend ends or begins and how to make a decent profit when they figure out when a trends begins or ends. The “3-Powerful Price Patterns” is designed to help people make a daily income.

Mitchell also has what he dubs the “Power Stock Trading Strategy & Mentoring” which is meant to teach people how to make some real money trading stocks. In this program, Mitchell gives traders 4 unique strategies that are meant to make them a lot of money trading stocks. Mitchell also teaches traders how to instantly know when to buy or sell by reading stack charts, no matter what kind of stock chart it is. He also shows people how to build a foundation that will help them master trading stocks. People are also taught when to place their stops and simply take the profits. Traders are also taught how to reduce their risk and maximize gains. There is a great deal of wealth that is in Mitchell’s “Power Stock Trading Strategy & Mentoring” program, and many people have been great profits with this program.

As one can see Todd Mitchell knows what he is doing. When it comes to experience in regards to making money in trading, nobody else can really match Mitchell.  This is why i recommend you see my E-mini Success Formula review when available.